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When dealing with construction defects, turn to the forensic construction defect expert witness team of The Solender Group, Inc. Comprised of highly experienced forensic expert witnesses and expert consultants who offer the legal profession, insurance companies, and banks the following related services in cases dealing with construction defects:

            Contracting - expert witnessGeneral Contracting - construction defect General 
            Contracting - expert witnessArchitectural
            EngineeringStructural Engineering - expert witnesses AIA 
            Electrical  EngineeringPlumbing 
            Electrical Engineering Heating 
            & Airconditioning 
            & Airconditioning 
Waterproofing/WindowsWaterproofing/Windows Roofing 
            EngineeringRoofing Engineering - defective construction
            EngineeringLandscape Engineering Sound 
            EngineeringSound Engineering
Observed Micro/Fungi ConditionsObserved Micro/Fungi Conditions Microbiology, 
            FungiMicrobiology, Fungi
            the Solender GroupAbout the Solender Group Commonly Observed DefectsCommonly Observed Defects
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            and PublicationsArticles and Publications

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When dealing with construction defects, the ability of a construction defect expert witness to see all sides of every defective construction issue is a most important attribute, but the ability to communicate information in a clear and cogent fashion to one's counsel is indispensable. The Solender Group Inc. has mastered this process.

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